About the Fourth Way


The Fourth Way is for those who wish to engage in a sincere process of self-discovery and self-development. It is a means to allow us to become wholly human once again.

Through the various methods of the Fourth Way we can learn to truly enjoy life and transform our suffering by a process of personal and collective transformation of what Bennett has called non-living, living and supra-living energies.

The Fourth Way is for people who see that they are asleep and who want to break free of the imprisonment of a mechanical life.

It is a process of self development that is for people who want to truly know themselves, to know what they really want and truly need and to be able to think for themselves.

It is a path for those who see that their every day preoccupations constantly overwhelm any real pursuit of finding personal and collective answers as to why they truly exist.

It is for those who understand that any real pursuit of the meaning of existence involves the necessity to do this while in the midst of the duties and activities of life.

It is for those who see that it is difficult to be truly alive in this life as they would truly want to be if only they could.

As such, people attracted to the Fourth Way observe that their mind, feelings and body are out of alignment with one another, and therefore as a result it is difficult for them to become more present to what their personal life and life in general essentially means.

It is a means to aspire to consciously evolve for people who see that the 'world' is stuck in egoism and that they themselves find that they also get stuck in their personal self development, such that a life of over reliance on what is called false personality or false self expectations becomes ultimately fruitless.

The Fourth Way is the culmination and synthesis of many ancient East and West traditions and wisdom schools which aspires to teach people a deeper level of understanding through real sensation, feeling and thought.

The Fourth Way strives to go beyond religion while maintaining all due respect to religions and ancient and present day developing traditions.

It is a path for those who somehow perceive that they are either over developed or underdeveloped in terms of our body based, emotional and mental life and want to find the most useful relationship of personality in it's service to the growth of the essential self.

In Gurdjieff's difficult (because one must work on oneself to develop the attention to read it), though pivotal work All & Everything he describes an ancient metaphor of the human being. He explains that the human being is likened to a Carriage (body), Horse (feelings) and Driver (mind), and that there is always a different passenger in the carriage which should represent the individuality or the real I, as it is called in "man", but that this is not possible if the passengers are coming and going all the time. He gives an excellent description of how these 3 aspects of man's nature are in discord while the fourth is usually absent, (namely the individuality).

The Fourth Way is a psychological – spiritual path of accelerated transformation because it embraces the creative and harmonious development of the 3 centered human being.

It is an inner path of conscious evolution involving the moving center, feeling center and thinking center, whereby a seeker by their own volition works on his or herself (with others of same) in order to find the Master from within.

The harmonization of 3 centered development allows for the possibility for true individuality to arise through the unification of Being in this very life.

It is a path where one comes to an ever deeper experience of the energies that reside from within our bodies, feelings and mind and to be able to actively work with them.

Through a wide variety of Fourth Way methods and practices one learns to come into one's own reliable relationship to a higher will.

As we more reliably experience a tangible relationship to a higher will that can manifest through the harmonization of our centres we become liberated from existential angst and the conflict of competing desires.

If we are willing to accept certain conditions to work on ourselves then we can become as vehicles for the unconditioned world whereby our destiny can become a reality.

An unconditioned reality of truth can manifest through our learning to exercise our evolving presence from within the body, the embrace and nourishment of our force of feeling and the refinement of our attention from within the mind beyond all limitations of explanation in general.