Group gatherings comprise studying the psychological and spiritual ideas of The Work; the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff and J.G. Bennett and Pierre Elliot and all of those that have given their useful interpretations of the Work within the lineage of the teachings that is the Fourth Way. Engaging in group work means that we explore the inner life together and do thematic work on a variety of topics that are related to our efforts to find a means toward the conscious development of self and the potential soul through the harmonization of our centers of thought, feeling and body. In group work we learn to practically apply psychological and spiritual teachings into our everyday lives. We explore the inner life and work together along with others of different types and thus more easily awaken from the human conundrum of mechanical somnolence. One aim of group work is to acquire different methods of self-observation in order to transform the energies of reactivity, mechanicalness, an evolving understanding of who we really are and to learn to form and engage in useful aims toward these.  In group we also learn about the psychology and cosmology of Gurdjieff, to learn to comprehend the language of the Work of conscious evolution and our place in the greater scheme of things. Through working with others we observe the relationship between personality and essence and actively strive to overcome obstacles to our psychological and spiritual development, such that our personality does not become as an idol and we rather become more self coherent as essential to the growth of our Being.


Many of us may observe that we are experiencing increasing isolation and alienation and the degeneration of meaningful community and society at large and that there is an ever growing need for our working together to find a greater sense of quality in human life.  In Fourth Way group work we have the possibility of developing a sense of connectedness and communication with others. Group Work involves coming together to understand one another and how we may together come closer to what understanding itself means. Understanding is the means by which we are related to our experience, states J.G. Bennett. It does not just concern what goes on in our heads and the various explanations that we codify in and around our perceptions. We are easily imprisoned by our habitual capacities to behaviour, sensations, emotion, and associative type thinking. Working with others allows us to awaken to the fact that all of us can often perceive “reality” quite differently, and that we all have something to uniquely contribute to our understanding of how we can strive to experience true liberation in this very life. For liberation must entail that we can remember ourselves ever more and more.  Pierre Elliot has said, that we all have a role to play in the Work - that is with respect to helping each other to awaken from the sleep within the conditioned world. He further said that "we must strive to do different things and do things differently."